HySludge® – Modular Sludge Systems for Decentralised Treatment Plants

March 14, 2024

Across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific there are hundreds of packaged treatment and decentralised plants that provide sewage treatment for mining operations, camps, communities, towns, villages and resorts.

Managing sludge from these treatment plants presents some challenges – the main being the limited disposal options and the high cost of transporting liquid sludge. HySludge® is a containerised sludge thickening or dewatering system that can process liquid sludge to reduce offsite disposal costs. 


  • Reduced liquid sludge volumes by up to 85%
  • Options for thickening or dewatering
  • Plug and Play – factory assembly 
  • Easy installation and integration onsite
  • Automatic operation


  • Thickening option – 3 to 20 kL/h
  • Dewatering option – 1 to 6 kL/h

Rental Units

  • Rental units are available for hire

HySludge® is a containerised system that uses mechanical thickening or dewatering technologies to reduce liquid sludge volumes. Typically, a HUBER SDISC or QPRESS is used, although options for other technologies are available depending on the volume.

The system includes feed pumping, polymer makeup and dosing, screw outloading unit, control system and is delivered to site ready for commissioning. All wiring and piping are completed prior to dispatch together with a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

HySludge® is registered trademark of Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd

About the Hydroflux Group

The Hydroflux Group aims to deliver the highest level of engineering and scientific know-how to the emerging issues of sustainability, climate adaptation and environmental protection with a specific focus on water and wastewater.

As part of its vision and mission, Hydroflux has always taken its climate responsibility seriously. In 2022, Hydroflux became Australia’s first water treatment and technology company to achieve Climate Active carbon neutral certification for its organisation and products. It knows that partnering with customers and clients is the most significant impact it can have in its journey. The Group employs over 100 staff and operates throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, with office locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Suva and Portsmouth.

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