Our Team

The Hydroflux Board of Directors have worked most, if not all, their careers in the design, engineering, installation, commissioning and servicing of water and wastewater treatment plants & equipment including physical/chemical, biological and reuse processes. This vast experience, complemented by sustainability and industry expertise gives our customers confidence that the solution provided will always meet or exceed their requirements.

Board of Directors

John Koumoukelis
Chairman, Global Business Development

Solely dedicated to the water industry with a career spaning over 16 years. John’s professional roles are based on business development and technical sales management for process equipment and design/build contracts, within the wastewater sector.

Goals are to provide energy efficient and high performance process equipment and treatment solutions to a variety of clients within the wastewater industry, to allow them to meet their sustainability targets.

Specialties: Introduction of key technologies into the Australian market place, such as step screens, centre flow band screens, advanced grit washing and screenings washing, sludge screening and digester pre-treatment. Extensive process design and sizing knowledge with inlet works, biological process and sludge management systems. Water reuse using hybrid MBR-RO for industrial applications.

For over 15 years John has had a close association with HUBER Technology AG of Germany.

Julia Seddon
Tanya Bishara
CFO/Company Secretary
Andrew Miley
Director, Global Market Development
Adrian Minshull
Mitchell Hastings

Michell is an experienced water industry professional having spent over a decade involved in the water treatment industry in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, South East Asia, the U.S. and the Middle East. He is well versed in the design and construction of all unit processes within a complete water and wastewater treatment process. He specialises in process water treatment – particularly in the design of a wide range of membrane treatment, demineralisation and ultrapure water systems.

Mitchell has a deep understand of the complete lifecycle costs of water and wastewater projects, from the initial client consultation and economic feasibility assessments right through bid preparation and contract execution, project management, detailed process design, equipment manufacturing, quality control, site installation, commissioning, optimisation and aftermarket support.