New High Efficiency Screening System for Sanson STP

March 12, 2024

Hydroflux recently provided a new screening system for Sanson STP in Manawatu District. The new system removes gross solids, plastics, bottle caps and other material prior to a newly constructed pump station.  All of this debris would otherwise accumulate in the downstream process, compromising performance of the treatment facility.

A HUBER Ro9 Spiral Screen was selected for this application as its ideally suited for treatments plants with an equivalent population of less than 10000, operates automatically, includes integrated compaction, and has an excellent track record in New Zealand.

Technology Highlights

  • Removal of gross material, plastics and other screenings
  • Integrated screenings transport and compaction
  • Internal transfer screw is shafted – high strength and a high level of compaction
  • All stainless steel fabrication including the internal screw
  • Well proven in New Zealand applications

General Data

  • Available in four diameters
  • Capacity from 5 to 150 L/s
  • 2,3,5 and 6mm perforations – high screenings capture
  • Custom lengths available to suit existing channels
  • Optional integrated screenings washing
  • Optional configuration with pre-fabricated tanks, bypass channel and control system

To learn more about HUBER Ro9 Spiral Screens please CLICK HERE or call Hydroflux on 1300 417 697.

About the Hydroflux Group

The Hydroflux Group aims to deliver the highest level of engineering and scientific know-how to the emerging issues of sustainability, climate adaptation and environmental protection with a specific focus on water and wastewater.

As part of its vision and mission, Hydroflux has always taken its climate responsibility seriously. In 2022, Hydroflux became Australia’s first water treatment and technology company to achieve Climate Active carbon neutral certification for its organisation and products. It knows that partnering with customers and clients is the most significant impact it can have in its journey. The Group employs over 100 staff and operates throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, with office locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Suva and Portsmouth.

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