Removing unwanted screenings from Hikumutu STP

April 12, 2023

Hydroflux was recently commissioned to design and supply a new inlet works systems for the Hikumutu STP located in the North Island of New Zealand.

A HUBER Ro5 Complete Plant was provided – the system is free standing and includes fine screening, washing and compaction, as well as grit removal. Additional feed arrangements were provided to manage septic discharge from tankered waste.

HUBER’s Ro5 Complete Plant is entirely fabricated from stainless steel and its packaged design means that site works are minimized. Only a simple concrete pad is required.

We overcame the challenge of screening septic sludge by incorporating a separate feed manifold and coarse material separator.

This solution is ideal for New Zealand treatment plants due to the simplicity of design and installation” says Orod Roostaee, General Manager of Hydroflux NZ

The HUBER Ro5 is a pre-fabricated inlet works that incorporates screening, bypass and grit removal, as well compaction of residual solids. There are 11 sizes available, catering for flows from 10 through to 220 L/s in a single unit.

CLICK here to learn more about the HUBER Ro5 or contract us on 09 352 2052 or [email protected].

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