Modular Inlet Works System for Ōpōtiki WWTP

May 9, 2024

In the last eighteen months Hydroflux has delivered over twenty (20) inlet works packages to sewage treatment plants located all over New Zealand, in order to remove debris that would otherwise accumulate in the downstream treatment process, reducing process efficiency and comprising performance.

The packaged inlet works are delivered as pre-engineered systems that are simple to install, include automatic bypass arrangements and reduce civil works requirements.

This latest project for Ōpōtiki WWTP included a custom designed inlet feed well and isolation penstocks, in addition to the pre-fabricated stainless steel inlet works chamber.

Project Highlights

  • HUBER Inclined Drum Screen technology provided with integrated screenings washing, conveyor and compaction
  • Sized for a Peak Wet Weather Flow of 280 L/s
  • Tank design included integrated feed well with connection to multiple pump stations
  • Integrated tank for the HUBER Drum Screen included isolation and automatic bypass with a manually raked bypass screen
  • No need for above ground purpose built concrete channels

Technology Highlight

  • Modular prefabricated design suits capacities up to 600 L/s
  • Screening apertures from 1.5 to 6mm, as perforations or wedgewire
  • Screening technology can be spiral screens, through flow band screen, drum screens or mechanically raked screens, depending on the application
  • Optional design with grit removal and grit dewatering
  • Optional design for standby screening equipment
  • Controls and Automation
  • Remote monitoring with HyConnect®

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