Paxton WWTW – Another MBR Pre-screening Installation for Hydroflux

April 18, 2024

The Paxton Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) serves the townships of Paxton, Ellalong and Millfield. The treatment plant process 430kL per day and can handle wastewater for an equivalent population of 3,200 people. Effluent is irrigated during the summer and biosolids are beneficially reused for rehabilitation at a mine site.

Central to the operation of the plant is the site’s membrane bioreactor, which requires a reliable and high level of screening capture. Based on a successful installation at the nearby Farley WWTW, Hydroflux were contracted to supply a new inlet screening system.

Project Overview

  • Sized for a PWWF of 130 L/s
  • 2mm perforated drum was provided with a direct feed (ie no primary screening)
  • Retrofit to the existing channel

Technology Overview

  • HUBER RPPS Inclined drum screen with integrated screenings washing and compaction
  • All stainless-steel fabrication including the internal screw
  • Heavy duty drum seal for prolonged life
  • Heavy duty bottom bearing for increased reliability
  • Single drive system
  • Extensive knowledge on sizing with 20+ references in Australia

HUBER RPPS is an inclined drum screen that is used for screening of wastewater. In Australia the technology has been used in most of the largest MBR installations to protect the downstream hollow-fibre membrane modules. The first installation was in 2007 for a 20MLD MBR plant in QLD.

RPPS is suitable for MBR applications where the flowrate is less than 450 L/s, above that we use HUBER LIQUID.

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