QPRESS® Delivers Outstanding Performance on Granular Aerobic Sludge Process

February 20, 2023

The Longford Sewage Treatment Plant was recently upgraded to include an aerobic granular activated sludge process. The facility will result in better environmental outcomes by improving the quality of effluent discharged from the plant and reduce odour.

Hydroflux Epco supplied and commissioned a HUBER QPRESS® to dewater the excess sludge produced from the granular process. The excess granular sludge is anaerobically digested and then dewatered using low speed HUBER QPRESS® technology.

Performance Highlights

  • Cake solids between 20 – 21%DS
  • Volume reduction 85 – 88%
  • Polymer Dose Rate of 12 kg/t
  • Processing Capacity of 7kL/h
  • Operational on both undigested and digested sludge

Technology Highlights

  • Average screw speed of 0.4 rpm, 1.5 kW main drive
  • Max screw speed of 1 rpm
  • Very low wash water demand
  • All 316SS fabrication

Sustainability Highlights

  • QPRESS® is Australia’s first carbon neutral sludge dewatering system, as certified by Climate Active Australia

QPRESS® is low speed mechanical sludge dewatering system that provides high sludge reduction volumes with significant sustainability benefits as compared to high-speed alternatives. Over 75 QPRESS® units are now operating in Australian and New Zealand sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

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QPRESS® is registered trademark of HUBER SE

About Hydroflux

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