Biogas Flares for Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

November 25, 2022

With decades of experience in supplying gas flare systems for wastewater treatment plants, Hydroflux provides biogas flare systems for a variety of applications. Biogas flares are required to allow biogas to be safely burned off when biogas is not being re-used, to avoid the release of the methane-rich biogas to the environment.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and according to the UN environment programme, it is 80 times more potent over a 20-year period to global warming than CO2. Safely combusting the biogas converts the CH4 in the biogas to CO2 which reduces not only the greenhouse potential but also odour emissions and release of H2S.


  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants – Anaerobic Digesters
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants – Covered Anaerobic Lagoons
  • Landfill Gas
  • Solid Waste Digesters
  • Biomethane Gas Flares

Technology Highlights

  • Gas throughputs from 50 to 3000 Nm3/h
  • Multi-stage burners for higher capacities
  • Continuity of the flare flame under severe weather conditions
  • Safe and reliable ignition system with a high-capacity LPG pilot
  • Stainless steel flame arrestor with temperature interlock
  • Dedicated burner controller with gas pressure monitoring and flame supervision, suitable for continuous operation
  • Concealed and homogenous burning at minimum 760-850 deg C
  • Available with biogas blower, suitable for wet biogas

For further information

To discuss an application with our Bioenergy team, please contact us on 1300 417 697 or email [email protected]

About Hydroflux

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