Limeflo™ Saturators Selected for Major Water Treatment Upgrade

August 5, 2022

Hydroflux Epco have been selected to design and manufacture two LimeFlo™ Saturators as part of a major water treatment plant upgrade. 

Each LimeFlo™ unit is designed to be free standing and with a diameter of 9.4m. The unique CircPro® externally mounted solids mixing manifold provides efficient utilization of the lime by recirculating the sludge bed to improve the lime utilisation and improve the process efficiency.

A VeeMax® sludge rake constantly stirs this sludge bed, pushing it towards the centre of the saturator tank and prevents it from thickening to a paste.

Each unit will produce a stream of saturated lime water that will be used in the main process for pH and alkalinity control.

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LimeFlo™, VeeMax® and CircPro® are trademarks of Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd

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