The End of Ratty O&M Manuals and Drawings – Introducing Hydroflux HyDATA®

November 18, 2019

There is nothing worse than trying to decipher wet, stained and dirty old operation and Maintenance manuals, design and electrical drawings or even chemical SDS’s. Trying to find where the previous manager or operator filed the original digital version, 3 servers ago is equally as bad and who do you call for assistance if you need spares or advise?

Hydroflux’s team of water and wastewater professionals have risen to the issue and developed the HyDATA® platform to provide our clients plant managers and operators with instant 24/7 access to their critical wastewater or sludge treatment equipment’s historical documentation.

Accessing documentation has never been easier thanks to the newly integrated HyDATA® platform. The user friendly, multi-platform software is being rolled out across all Hydroflux equipment and plants giving all our clients a revolutionary way of accessing documentation, drawings, manuals, photos, SDS’s, spares and expert support and much more.

The platform has been developed with the end-user in mind, based on field experience and customer feedback. HyDATA® is an intuitive and free tool to connect Hydroflux with its customers and supply them with project specific information.

How it works?

Every WWT item of equipment or complete plant supplied and/or installed by Hydroflux is being provided with an exclusive QR code label that with a simple scan on any smart mobile or PC interconnected device provides instantaneous secure access to all the essential documents that relate to their WWTP in a single location.

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