Containterised Sludge Dewatering Systems for Mine Sites, Resorts and Townships

March 20, 2019

Hydroflux provide a range of containerised sludge dewatering systems that are delivered as plug and play packages, which offer a quick turnaround on lead times and site installation is reduced to less than 1 day.

Please click here to read an electronic pdf version of the technical specifications.

The systems reduce off site sludge disposal volumes by 80 – 85%, which results in a significant reduction in sludge transport and disposal costs.

There are three sizes in the range and the HUBER QPRESS is used due to its well proven performance in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. QPRESS operates at less than 1RPM resulting in very low maintenance requirements along with low energy demand.

The systems are ideal for processing sludge generated from water and wastewater treatment plants operating in mine sites, resorts, decentralised systems, industrial sites and remote locations.

Standard designs include the use of structurally modified containers and trailers to house the equipment.

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