Hydroflux to Support Archie Rose Distilling Co. at Their New Distillery in Mascot

February 28, 2019

Hydroflux Industrial will be supporting Archie Rose Distilling Co. with both process water treatment and trade wastewater treatment at their new sustainability-focused distillery in Botany.

Archie Rose’s founder Will Edwards is installing world-class distilling equipment with a strong focus on sustainability to minimise power, water and gas consumption.

On confirming that Hydroflux will be a part of this project Will said, “Hydroflux has been very helpful with a positive attitude towards “getting the job done” and ensuring Archie Rose is committing to what we need, without overengineering and overspending. This assistance has been greatly appreciated”.

The purity of the water is critical to the quality of the spirits that are distilled, however this purity is not required or desired for general production process. The pure water system is designed to produce two levels of water purity which ensures that ideal water is used throughout the distillery in the most economical way.

New factories that are built with the latest world class equipment, particularly those focused on sustainability, will often produce a different wastewater than is atypical of older facilities. Hydroflux have tailored an expandable trade wastewater treatment system as a pragmatic approach to this issue to cover all possible scenarios.

Hydroflux was particularly pleased to hear from Will that it was our reputation that played a big part in the decision saying – “Hydroflux has excellent references across a number of fields and I have had a handful of completely unrelated contacts recommend both your equipment, and most importantly, your dedication to troubleshooting and resolving issues that pop up during operations”.

You can review Archie Rose’s fine selection of spirits here.

For help with your process water or wastewater contact Hydroflux to discuss your application.

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